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A Weekend For MMCPs At The Tevis Cup

Me, Val, MJ, Amy & Becky

The Tevis race follows along The Western States Trail in Northern California. A 100 mile stretch of scenic elevation climbs and descents that traverse from the Tahoe basin down into the historic Gold Rush town Auburn, California. It is said that the ride has 19,000 feet of “up” and 22,000 feet of “down”.

The Trail

This was my first time organizing a Masterson Method®, Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork vendor information booth. Joining the venture were MMCPs Amy Alford, Val Loera and Becky Mertens, all there to field Q&A on The Masterson Method® and to cheer on our own MMCP, Mary Jane Fridley aka MJ riding in the Tevis Cup on her horse Magic.

MMCPs Becky Mertens, Amy Alford & Val Loera @ Foresthill checkpoint

Both Magic and MJ arrived early in the week from Arizona looking in superb athletic condition. I was confident that they would be having a fabulous ride on Saturday all the way to the Finish Line! I was also looking forward to joining her crew as the bodyworker. Mike and our daughter, Kiyana would be joining the crew, as help is always needed. Alas, life can deviate from what is planned. I had an unforeseeable happening the day before the big race.

MJ & Magic just arrived from Cave Creek Arizona!

Following my mishap, MMCP, Becky Mertens stepped up to take my place on MJ’s crew for Magic’s bodywork. I settled in and claimed the role of coordinating the GPS tracker status of our rider (via recliner with my feet up), until the tracker was lost somewhere on the trail 4.3 miles before the Chicken Hawk checkpoint and it is probably still traveling at a relaxed pace of 0.1 mph.

Crew; Ashley, Mike, Shaun & MMCP Becky keeping Magic in good form

The MMCP gals had a great time meeting many people, making connections, and sharing their enthusiasm all in the name of The Masterson Method®. My family worked hard and had a fun time crewing, Mike untacking Magic and hauling stuff while Kiyana sponged, mashed and stepped in to help Magic out a bit more when needed. From the Masterson table to crewing on the line, we are all honored to have been a part of MJ's Tevis team. It was a sleepless weekend and a fantastic time was had by all.

MJ & Magic looking good coming into Foresthill for vet check

And the best part is . . . MMCP MJ Fridley & Magic placed 20th! Congratulations MJ on a third Tevis finish!

2:20am & 20th place finish for MJ & Magic, Congratulations!!!

Kiyana, Ashley & Shaun cooling Magic down at the finish line

We are already making plans for a Masterson Method® vendor table at next year’s Tevis Cup Race and we will all be ready to crew for MJ and perhaps Amy too!

Team celebration at 3:00 am, champagne time!

Dale, Shaun, Ashley, Magic, MJ, Me (Kalin), Kiyana & Dodger, Mike, Val & Amy

Dodger the Team Support Dog

Coveted Tevis Buckle

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