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Services Offered

Masterson Method® Horse Massage

Gentle & effective, this is a touch & response technique that gets the horse participating in their session. Restrictions are found by staying under the horse's resistance threshold & allowing the horse to release tension resulting in improved performance, movement, & behavior..

Kinesiology Taping

The holistic technology of Kinesiology Taping focuses on connective tissue, joints, muscles, and tendons for muscular and skeletal movement without the use of medications or surgery. BeyondCool CBD Tape combines the benefits of sport tape with an all natural solution of arnica homeopathy, and essential minerals for revolutionary, drug-free pain relief and increased muscle mobility.

Beyond Cool CBD 

Used topically, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that provide rapid long lasting pain relief on site. Beyond Cool CBD has a soothing sensation on swollen joints that can improve mobility. Another benefit of CBD oil it’s high potential for treating skin conditions by working to eliminate abnormal cells. Beyond Cool CBD is sourced from exclusively organic ingredients combined with the world's finest hemp organically & sustainably grown, and 3rd party tested in the U.S.

Photonic Health Light Therapy

Light therapy is a natural pain reliever, a non-invasive method to assist in healing and healing accelerator that works. It can be applied to any session to help balance many types of injury, illness, or stress imbalance. The light penetrates the skin to reach deep tissue layers where it is absorbed by the cells to allow for an increase in blood flow to the given area. This process benefits in the absorptions and circulation of nutrients within the body helping to strengthen the immune system and heal damaged cells and protect healthy cells.


Follows the ancient studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine to access the powerful healing modality of acupressure to provide safe, effective, healing for horses. Acupressure helps to restore, replenish, & maintain the natural harmony & balance needed in the horse's body to maintain their  optimum health

Integrated Bodywork

Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork is gentle and effective. This is a touch and response technique that gets the horse participating in their bodywork session. Restrictions are found by staying under the horse’s resistance threshold and allowing the horse to release tension resulting in improved performance, movement, and behavior.


Initial Evaluation & Bodywork Full Session: 2 hours  $150

Follow-Up Session: 1 hour 30 minutes  $125

Add Ons: Photonic Light Therapy $30

                    Taping $15 & up

                    Beyond Cool CBD application $10

Canine Acupressure & Bodywork!

30-45 Minutes session $50

Session times vary; the horse or dog always determine duration. 

A travel fee may apply depending on location. 


Straight from the horse's mouth!



A big shout out to Bodywork For Equine by Kalin, Had a couple sessions done to my horse Johnny Walker and what a difference, his step is smoother, he rides like he feels better, looser, excellent lateral flexion, I will definitely keep these sessions regular.

Image 2-4-22 at 4.16 PM.jpg
Image 8-26-21 at 12.17 PM.jpg


Thank you for working on Joker and helping him to relax. After the sessions he is calmer and more responsive in his training. His head seems to be clearer, with distractions creating less of a problem for us.

Kalin is kind, intuitive, and a very talented equine practitioner. I have 6 horses and Kalin has worked with all of them with great success. Most notably, my endurance gelding and 40 year-old retired mare, helping them to perform and feel their very best. Her treatments are effective with noticeable changes in movement, performance, attitude, and mood. I highly recommend her services!

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