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Beyond Dog Massage

It seems just about every barn has its dog and I am finding it so hard to keep my hands off. I have noticed that the barn pups tend to gravitate around when their horses are receiving a Masterson Method® bodywork session. Now it's officially the dogs’ turn to enjoy the incredible benefits of Beyond Dog Massage! 

A casual pat on the shoulder or rump scratch has turned into the beginnings of Bladder Meridian behind the ears. With the extreme sensitivity dogs can have, this attempt at Bladder Meridian can quickly skip to the hind leg, with some licks and a roll I find myself faced with a belly up pup. What to do? Time to look for the response and stay awhile on the stifle area and flow into some groin release. More incessant licks on my hand, I soften to barely there but stay on this spot. An abrupt sneeze and yawn. Time to give this pup a little break, I step away. 

That didn’t last, he’s back for more, looking at me with those pink rimmed dogo eyes asking, ‘where next?’ He’s presenting me his chest, so I begin searching with fingertips along the front of his scapula finding soft slow blinks here. We spend another few minutes exploring this area, when suddenly there’s the melting spot with a big yawn and now Zsasz is down. I think this was good for today. 

I’m learning fast that the dog’s session often looks completely different from the horse’s, many licks, quick releases, and lots of body shifts challenging me to leave one area for another. The dogs I’ve been working on are approaching me differently now. They come up with eyes that I believe are asking for some Masterson Method® Beyond Dog Massage. 

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1 Comment

Dec 27, 2023

Oh how interesting! ❤️❤️

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