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Masterson Method® at the AERC

I spent the weekend at the AERC Convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico with my fellow MMCP, Mary Jane Fridley (aka MJ in the endurance world). This is not my world really except for many years of working as a volunteer at various rides including the esteemed Western States Tevis up here in Northern California.

Me & MJspreading the word on Masterson Method®

My certification buddy MJ invited me to join her in hosting the first annual Masterson Method® information booth at this convention. Our aim was to spread the Masterson word in the endurance community.

MJ working the booth

Our booth was non-stop busy as curious folks wanted to learn more about how the Masterson Method® can benefit their horse’s performance. We also met many riders from around the country & Canada who have their MMCP helping their horse stay in top performance shape. On the last day we were joined by MMCP Karen Evans, a local gal from the area who came onboard as if we had known her for years; one of the many things about our Masterson Method® family that I absolutely love.

MMCPs at the AERC

Having Jim videos rolling all day, what a surprise it was when a gal came up who recognized her horse, “Spotty”, the appaloosa endurance horse Jim was working on!

Spotty the endurance horse's happy owner!

Many folks signed up for the newsletters, both horse & dog.  I had some fun inviting the pups milling around the convention with their humans to swing by the booth for some Beyond Dog Massage. Inevitably this drew quite a crowd at a horse event! 

As successful as this weekend was, the frosting indisputably would be that both MJ & her lovely granddaughter, Elle received awards of recognition for their endurance accomplishments. We are both looking forward to setting up the Masterson Method® information booth next year when the convention is in Reno. 


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