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The Forecast Does Not Stop New MMCPs!

Rain, flooding, mudslides, washed out barns & road closures. Through it all, four intrepid horsewomen came together in the Larkin Valley of California for their Masterson Method® Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork Certification Completion Course Celebration. Last weekend saw Masterson Method® Fieldwork students arrive from Virginia, Ohio, Montana & the North Bay Area to demonstrate their skills in Masterson Method®. This is the culmination of months and even years of studying and hands on practice with as many horses as a student can find. These are the fortunate horses for sure!

New Masterson Method® Certified Practitioners: aka MMCPs

As an instructor’s assistant observing each of these talented practitioners in the stalls, it more than ever dialed in for me just how profound this method of bodywork affects the horse on the deepest level. Beginning with the bladder meridian where the horse begins to tell you their secrets ~ to groin work where there simply are no secrets left, the subtle touch soon had horses melting in stall after stall.

Before long a sassy face would be seen releasing in luxurious deep yawns.

From outside the stall I witnessed equine bodies letting go of blocked tensions, stretching, relaxing, & fluffing as the new MMCPs followed their hands & listened to the horse’s body. As our instructor, Sandy Vreeburg says, “when you soften your eye, the more you see, & when you soften your touch, the more you feel”.

It was my deep honor to be a part of this weekend course. Everyone earned their well deserved title of Masterson Method® Certified Practitioner and now have that esteemed MMCP following their name. Congratulations ladies!

More bladder meridian please!
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