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Light To The Core with Masterson Method® Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork

The fabulous LTC participants

I have had yet another mind altering opportunity to assist a Masterson Method®, Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork course. Once again with Sandy Vreeburg MMCP and this time for the Light To The Core weekend held in the tranquil setting of Morning Sun Ranch in Watsonville. It was great fun to re-connect with some whom I’ve collaborated previously, while making new connections on this Masterson Method journey. The ranch had more than enough horses for students and both students and horses all responded beautifully to this method of touch. Search… Response… Stay… Release… and “ Follow the Blink”.


I thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone work their magic in the stalls. All participants were open to learning and experimenting with touch and just how light they could go to find an even deeper effect on the core. cool!

While I strolled along, quietly observing the flow of synergistic energy in the stalls, I was struck at little subtleties I began to notice. Particularly compelling were the nostrils. Who doesn’t love a horse’s nose? Nostrils were beginning to alternate in expansion and height from side to side as the bodywork was being done. This was fascinating! I began to see a correlation between a nostril rising higher and wider with the opposite hip dropping from a rested foot. If this weight on the hind end shifted to rest the other hip, so did the nostrils shift. This was happening in every stall ~ so cool!! I found this flow of diagonal connection between nostril and hip captivating to watch.

How light is light?

I think I have a journey into deep anatomy in my future as these connections are coming clearer to me. That is a future blog ;-)

What a fabulous time we all had in the weekend Masterson Method® Light To The Core course & I look forward to collaborating with everyone again!!

A handsome face

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