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Immersed In Masterson Method®

I’m back at home reminiscing on all that I’ve learned these last couple of weeks. I know I am fortunate to have had amazing opportunities to assist 2 talented individuals at their Masterson Method® courses.

My first weekend on the Santa Cruz coast (soaking up the fog!) I spent assisting the energetic southern belle, Amy, at Jenn’s Down N’ Out Ranch in San Juan Bautista. Many of the resident horses here are off the Fallon feedlot & have found their new beginnings with Jenn. These gently rehabbed horses were not shy in letting everyone observe just how much they enjoyed the Masterson Method® techniques students were practicing. Almost everyone was stretching and rolling in the sand! Throughout the weekend I found Amy’s energetic enthusiasm for teaching contagiously fun to be a part of.

BTW, several of the horses here are available for adoption to eligible homes ;-)

Down N' Out Ranch 2 Day Masterson Method® Course

After a relaxing few days strolling around Pleasure Point; catching a surf competition with Dodger the McNabb, and a spontaneous ride on the Monterey Dunes beach, I was recharged & ready to assist the esteemed Sandy at an advanced 5 day Masterson Method® course.

Julio @ the beach

Sandy’s skills precede her, attracting students from across the country. We spent the week enjoying hospitality of 4 different barns around the Santa Cruz, Aptos, & San Jose area with an awesome group of enthusiastic students & horses. (All of varying backgrounds.) Many of these folks will go on to their Masterson Method® Fieldwork & may become future MMCPs. Others have learned valuable skills to add to their tool belt of knowledge back at their home barns.

Watsonville 5 day Advanced Masterson Method Course

I know I have come away with more than I could have dreamed from both of these ladies, the horses & students ~ Much gratitude to all!

Rascal, just chillin'

Feeling exuberant!

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