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Before I post my really BIG news, its been a busy year so far. Here is a recap of some of my learning adventures:

It's been a busy few months here at Bodywork For Equine. In November I had my 1st coaching session of my Block 1 with the Masterson Method Beyond Horse Massage Fieldwork. For all my unwarranted apprehensions prior to the “Big Day", I had an amazing time working on horses at a beautiful ranch in the Santa Cruz hills with my first-rate coach Sandy V. who put me right at ease and in the stall with Diamante

In January I was one of a fortuitous few who got to participate in the pilot course of Masterson Method Light To The Core taught by Lori Lund and assisted by Sandy & Jim. What an experience this was to feel how the lighter the touch the more powerful the effect can be. I know this couple of days is having a profound impact on my bodywork as I move forward in my practice.

In February I was at my 2nd coaching day, in Aromas with Amy, an exceptional supportive coach who kept my day full with a very diverse selection of equines. Amy and I collaborated again the following day as we were both assistants for Sandy at the Masterson Method Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Seminar Workshop which was held at two picturesque ranches tucked back in the hills of Santa Cruz.

Amidst my fun work with all the horses I can (literally!) place my hands on, we bought the local gym in December! This is the place where I try to stay fit so I can do the best for your horse. It's a fun project and we are meeting so many wonderful members of our Cool community, in Cool, CA. That's why we have re-branded it Cool Gym! Check us out at or Cool Gym on Facebook.

We have another project I am really excited about, it's in development and soon to be unveiled; We are re-branding our line of fitness & recovery products designed for equines, people, & dogs too. More on this later.

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