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Numb Dog On The Road

We got the chance to try out the new Numb Dog CBD drops on our trip up to Portland to drop Kiyana off at Portland State. So far we had only experimented with putting a few drops in the pups' dinner bowl & found 2 of them at least did seem to sleep sounder through the night, (not the Pyrenees!).

Our road dogs are Ecco, the deaf Dogo Argentino and her companion, a McNab named Dodger. Dodger is hard wired to be totally OCD & always on the job. Traveling to a big city with people, streetcars ringing and clanging, smells (not always good ones) in every crevice and around every corner drive his nervous system bonkers.

4 drops of Numb Dog on his treat in the morning & Dodger handled the city like a cool pro, clocking an average 8 miles a day. Numb Dog definitely helped put Dodger in the tempo to relax and enjoy the adventure. He even had good social manners at the University dog park!

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