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I'm Official!!

It's official, I'm now a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner - MMCP!!

This has been quite a journey, but now if feel that I have truly found the missing pieces to my bodywork tool box. Prior to finding Masterson Method® Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork, I felt my skills as a NBCAAM certified equine acupressurist and bodyworker were missing key pieces to truly validate the service I could offer. I began hearing of this individual who had developed a genuine method for reducing tension and soreness in the horse while benefiting performance and the relationship. When I first opened the pages of Jim’s book I knew that I had landed where I needed to be to fulfill my goals of providing highly effective bodywork for my clients.

The journey to become a Masterson Method® Certified Practitioner has been enriching as I have developed strong connections with my mentors, coaches, and fellow students. The Masterson Method® techniques I have acquired are everything I was looking for to integrate with my acupressure education. My learning is ongoing as every new horse I meet teaches me more about lightness of touch, breath, and staying under the brace; tools that benefit all aspects of horsemanship.

Many thanks to my mentors, coaches, fellow students, Jim, & especially the horses!

Call me today so we can schedule your horse's bodywork session! 925-360-5251

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