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Bolt Tape In The Barn

You may already be familiar with the concept of taping your horse. If not, kinesiology taping has

bridged over from olympic sports to therapy for horses and dogs with great results.

Kinesiology tape works better than the standard athletic tape, because it doesn’t limit movement. In fact, by providing structural support, pain and swelling are reduced allowing improved performance. The tape is super stretchy and moves with the body while reducing restrictions by gently lifting the skin.

So how does this work on a horse when they have hair? No need to shave your horse! The tape adheres to the hair and lifts, allowing micro-space in the tissues for circulation and healing to flow.

I have been using Bolt Tape on my mare, Katequa’s hock (with vet approval of course :-)). Bolt Tape is unique in that it uses a natural solution of arnica & essential minerals for drug-free pain relief & increased muscle mobility.

I need to stress that it is very important to follow the application directions and apply the tape from the middle of the strip outwards, with no stretching at the ends. These are the anchors. Due to a horse’s dusty environment, I found it helps to apply a light self adhering wrap over the kinesiology tape to keep it in place longer. I cut strips along the tape to cover a greater area and compliment the mobility of the hock joint.

Please share your experience and tips on taping a horse.

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