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Acupressure For Your Pup!

The pups & I had an incredible time at the Tallgrass Acupressure class in Pleasanton this past weekend. Our class, taught by Amy & Amalia, focused on several of the meridians used in Traditional Chinese Medicine & key acu-points that are beneficial to maintain balance & harmony in the health of our dogs.

Amy showing Kidney 3 on Ecco. This point benefits lower back pain & arthritis.

Amy is one of my original instructors of Acupressure for horses & it was beyond stellar for me to have this

opportunity to be in her class once again. Over the course of the weekend all 3 of my pups got to participate in having students practice on them. Ecco, our deaf Dog Argentino, was the perfect model subject. By Sunday evening more than one classmate & our instructor wanted to take her home!


I was also proud of Shasta the Pyrenees & Dodger our McNab. They both endured with calm resignation, the strangeness of strangers touching them. Or perhaps it was those key acu-points? Either way, all pups were totally chill by the end of the day. Following class, the pups got to have some well earned frolicking beach time over the hill in Aptos.

Crazy deaf Dogo

Dodger the McNab!

I'm looking forward to adding canine acupressure to the services I can offer at your barn or home. Contact me to see if your pup qualifies to be an Acupressure model for

a free first session!


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1 Comment

Oct 17, 2021

Sounds just wonderful! And so very interesting!

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